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People advising me to settle with someone who can take care of me. It's really a long story on how I met my MM but we were drawn to each other. After a few weeks of crossing paths and flirting with our eyes, he finally introduced himself.

That day we spoke for the first time, we were surrounded by a lot of people, friends and family, we were at an event, it was crowded.

I won’t even address the many grammatical errors in it, which is typical of the many correspondences that I have received from recruiters and other HR professionals.Nothing is more frustrating than getting a job and not getting the resources and organizational support to do that job well. Don’t give us the right tools, and meaningful work to which we can ply those tools? Doesn’t strike me as our problem, since to get a new job every two years someone has to want us every two years.Gen Y has heard this mantra about being great and special our whole lives, and we want to be great. Reply Interesting article and it points to a number of issues that Gen Y job seekers face but I’d like to raise a point with the job hopping angle.It takes a lot of time to recruit, hire, and train one employee, so longevity is huge to employers.You need to seriously think about your motivations and what you are looking for.

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