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Private and business users benefit from cloud technology everyday, however it is not used to its full potential by the average regulated company yet.We need to understand what the cloud means for these companies, what the perceived obstacles are, and how to overcome these obstacles while fulfilling the regulator’s expectations.And in fact, this is quite accurate as the cloud is an abstract mixture of IT infrastructural components.Furthermore various sorts of applications can be deployed in the cloud, such as collaborative tools, ERP systems, procurement platforms, document management systems, and so on.

Simply put, in a public cloud the end users do not know who else has jobs running on the same external server, network or disks.

The central goal of validation for the regulated company is to verify that the cloud provider conducts appropriate control over the cloud solution.

This all starts with auditing the supplier to clarify what services will be provided and how they will be implemented, managed and controlled, and maintained.

In models 2 & 3 (Paa S and Iaa S), the supplier qualifies and controls the infrastructure.

It is the responsibility of the regulated company to verify that appropriate control is in place.

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