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The I-Team has had no contact with anyone convicted of a felony in regards to this piece and did independent research.Here is Gouge’s entire statement: “The individuals involved in this production are part of a small group, known as Core Group 8/Study Group 10…. They have been actively involved in accumulating and creating as much negative information as possible to disseminate through all forms of media, including the internet, direct mail, phone calls, facebook, etc. In compiling data, their investigator has…refused to accept positive information from clients stating that was not the purpose of his investigation.Most of the complaints registered with entities that are described in this presentation are the direct result of the activities of this group.In addition to the phone calls, letters to clients urging them to file complaints with the BBB and/or the Attorney General, members of the group have used multiple email addresses and a variety of pseudonyms to post a plethora of negative posts on the internet. These protracted activities over a seven year span have impacted this company.



They can understand the educational and skills required to pursue certain careers.

IKRAM Health telah didaftarkan secara rasminya pada 16 Oktober 2012 dan Mesyuarat Agung yang pertama telah diadakan pada dengan jayanya.

VISI Memperkasakan Islam dan menyumbang kepada penegakan syariat Islam melalui bidang kesihatan sejajar dengan aspirasi Pertubuhan IKRAM Malaysia (IKRAM).

Members of the group have gone to great lengths over seven years to assure the availability of negative information.

I would encourage anyone interested in obtaining a comprehensive unbiased representation of this company to contact us through our website ( for further information.” Joslin admits she has been in contact with a number of other people dissatisfied with The Relationship Co. She maintains her only purpose is to stop the company from hurting other vulnerable singles.

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