My daughters dating a black guy

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When I say, "its not okay" i am refering to all aspects of their life, including dating a black man.With race aside they are worthless not only as a boyfriend, but fathers as well.You cannot force her to date a white boy, and you really can't keep her from dating black boys, if that's who she chooses to date, when she's older.Also, like DA, I am wondering why you think it is wrong to date people of other races.I think that my aunt Pam and uncle Beau are soul mates.Although I desperately want to go on a tangent about this, I can't even say how true this is. I would suggest that you sit down with your daughter and explain your feelings and why you believe interracial dating and marriage is wrong.

I also don't want my daughter making the same mistakes they have made.Back in the 1950's or so they made this movie about a black woman who was so light skinned she passed for a white woman. Whatever culture you are, your background, church, community, etc.Is it the RACE you dislike so much, or is it the color of the skin? that led you to your beliefs should be discussed with her.And also, be careful how you present them or she'll do it to spite you.Good Luck Well, you can influence who she likes, but ultimately, she will form her own opinions about people of other races, and the world in general.

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