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The researchers note that the ancient world did not distinguish linguistically between total and annular eclipses.“The researchers developed a new eclipse code, which takes into account variations in the Earth’s rotation over time,” Cambridge University said in its statement.“Solar eclipses are often used as a fixed point to date events in the ancient world,” said Humphreys.The Merneptah Stele, a “large inscribed granite block now housed in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo,” was carved in the fifth year of the reign of Merneptah and describes his defeat of the Israelites in Canaan two or three years earlier.“If these words are describing a real observation, then a major astronomical event was taking place — the question for us to figure out is what the text actually means,” said paper co-author Colin Humphreys from the University of Cambridge’s Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy.“Modern English translations, which follow the King James translation of 1611, usually interpret this text to mean that the sun and moon stopped moving,” Humphreys explained.Sign up now and start flirting with single Middle Eastern men in Amboy. Cambridge researchers announced Monday that they have pinpointed the date of the biblical account of Joshua stopping the sun — which they claim is the day of the oldest eclipse ever recorded — to October 30, 1207 BCE, exactly 3,224 years ago.

She competes with Kevin O'Keefe, with whom she teamed up in May 2007.Online dating gets you out there without leaving home. Elmira single Middle Eastern men are waiting to meet you! Are you a Amboy single looking for a single Middle Eastern man to begin a home life with?However, they only considered total eclipses, where the moon passes between the sun and the earth, blocking the sunlight completely.Their new research found, however, that an annular eclipse, “in which the moon passes directly in front of the sun, but is too far away to cover the disc completely, leading to the characteristic ‘ring of fire’ appearance,” occurred on October 30, 1207 BCE.

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