Hes playing it cool dating

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BUT we do not have any further plans made and he is the same with the stupid texting. Asked about christmas..asked about me family dinner. Please just calm down a little, why do you worry and nitpick every single little detail. Remeber if he is initiating contact, it means he is interested, yes its simple.

But I feel like its just small talk and maybe he is keeping me on the line ??? The fact that he's doing all the small talk shows that he's trying to initiate conversation with you. Sometimes guys are worried that if they did tell the woman/girl they liked but didn't get what they want,it's kinda scary for them. If he didnt want to date you, then he wouldnt keep in touch.

As a woman with challenges in intimacy the text allows me to seem like I care without actually having to care.

To be honest, I just don’t feel like I have the time to devote all of my brain cells to a phone call.

I know first hand how helpful the advancement of smart phones have been to single men and allowed me to reach out to dates who otherwise I would avoid.

I understand the frustrations some people have with texting because I am guilty of over texting.

From there, Tinder serves up a seemingly endless stream of potential dates; for each one, you respond by swiping left for "no" or right for "yes"—kind of like the old "Hot or Not" game.

If someone you've said yes to swipes right on , that's considered a match, and the app will allow you to chat.

To be fair, there are men who I really like, that I have never had a conversation with over the phone because I just don’t want to get that close to them.

I am 29, he is 31 now, we had not seen eachother in years. He wanted to go the following day, seemed eager.I had plans and the next week he was going to be out of state, so we had to wait 2 weeks for our date. The end of the date was not a disater, but he did take me to a nice pub bar place and bought him and I drinks.

Well, he will just text me here and there (even before the date) Sometimes he will write back right away, sometimes its hours later or the next day. I do not drink much, so I felt silly but i did get drunk and he had to help me walk to the truck. I stayed at his place.sex, just kissing and the next day he really nice and we just laughed about me getting typsy. I played it off) We hung out and he wanted to know later if I wanted to get pizza and offered to take me to target, he knows i love that store.

I had a family dinner to attend so I couldn't go, running out of time.

He said he wished I didn't have that dinner because he would of just had me attend his friends xmas party with him that night. Was sweet, walked me to my car iniated the kiss goodbye.

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