Gal is not updating

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It scans your contacts and makes updates based on information in the GAL.

gal is not updating-57

The problem is that although we are updating the groups when we go to send from Outlook 2007 the groups are still the same as when they were first created and have not been updated with new users.If you are a system admin that is on the lookout for ways to optimize the smartphone experience, GAL search maybe a weak link.Many organizations prefer to sync the Jamie Gomez has a lab in the basement of the oldest building on campus. You open the contacts icon on your i Phone and discover that he isn’t in your address book.I rebuilt the Default Offline Address List and downloaded the updated address book in outlook however there are still no updates.I checked the event viewer but there are not errors reported from the OAL generator, in fact according to the events it had rebuilt it successfully.

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