Dating new testament manuscripts

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For the sake of our readers, we have noted several scribal errors (indicated by an asterisk), but only those that would be considered bad misspellings or "nonsense" readings.

We have done our best to provide an accurate transcription, always recognizing that our work may need emendation.

Since it is exceedingly difficult for most individuals to observe the actual manuscripts or even see photographs, let alone collect the of each manuscript, our goal has been to publish a fresh transcription of these manuscripts in one volume and thereby provide students, scholars, and translators with easier access to the manuscripts themselves.

Containing transcriptions of the sixty-nine earliest New Testament manuscripts ever discovered, this book provides a representative sample of the New Testament that was read by Christians in the earliest centuries of the church. That's what makes this work an invaluable reference for serious Bible students.

These manuscripts were the "Bible" they read and revered; to them, these manuscripts were the New Testament text. Intended for scholars and students who are interested in the original text of the Greek New Testament.

A photograph taken soon after the time of discovery usually provides documentation of the most pristine form.

Often when this photograph is compared to a manuscript in its present "museum" form, it is manifest that certain fragments of the manuscript have been lost over time. We have attempted to reconstruct the beginning and ending of several manuscripts, wherever we could determine original margins.

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