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I’ve got a really slimming full length mirror and I keep it by the front door.

I give myself a quick check over before venturing anywhere - and providing I don’t catch too many reflections of myself I’m generally happy.

Having read the benefits of kale/beetroot/Brussel sprouts (and let’s not forget ginger/carrots and lashings of Turmeric) I rammed them all into this capacious machine and set it off on it’s fastest (gentle) grind.

thick I added plenty of warm water to loosen it up, and served it to the kids in bed - silently standing over them (like I did when they were eight) insisting they drink it as it would do them good.

Gomez told Corden she had heard from a fan that her lyrics were on Coca Cola cups, but it shouldn't strike the singer as surprising considering she is currently a face of the brand, having appeared in print campaigns and commercials for the beverage. This is not the first time Selena has ridden a rollercoaster with a celebrity pal.

The 23-year-old is a fan of the speedy tips and turns of the classic thrill ride.

Living, breathing - moaning maybe - but we’re still rocking around this big old planet and finding the best of what we can and enjoying it in any ways we can.

Organiser Joleen Cronin, who thought up the idea in the pub with her brother, Denis, described the weekend as an 'empowering and life-changing experience'.

'I'm really excited about this unique Irish gathering of redheads from across the globe.

In addition to riding with Corden, she's been photographed in the front row of roller coasters with former beau Justin Bieber. Selena's mystery Mc Donald's order There's a lot you can tell about a person by their order from the classic American fast food establishment.

Plus, there's always this throwback video of Gomez with her childhood friend Demi Lovato promoting the "Cool For the Summer" singer's previous concert. Gomez requested a "Number 7." While the Mc Donald's menu recently changed, we're pretty confident if you listen closely, you can hear the cashier say it's a spicy ten piece.

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