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From all points of the compass the arrows of the flame rained continuously!

" This destruction was caused by, " a single projectile charged with all the power of the universe!

The reactor has to be specifically designed to produce Plutonium. SOMEONE had the capability to produce, and indeed was producing, nuclear weapons grade Plutonium, a long long time ago...

In various places around the world, many ancient ruins bear a remarkably consistent trait.

"I believe that there have been civilizations in the past that were familiar with atomic energy, and that by misusing it they were totally destroyed."On every single continent, there are areas where they can find or have found what some people have dubbed "Seas of Glass," either on the surface, or buried under centuries of dirt, where the sand and/or dirt has literally been fused by intense heat into glass.

The problem occured when they sent off this Uranium to be processed into nuclear fuel. The percentages were NOT consistent with any other previously known raw Uranium deposit. Embedded in each of these small Uranium deposits are detectable amounts of the element Plutonium, the primary ingredient of most modern atomic bombs.Then Joseph has a dream warning him of impending famine. A famine hits the ENTIRE ancient world, that lasts for SEVEN years (and Egypt survives, as does likely the entire human race due to Prince Joseph's foresight).So for seven years, he stockpiles every spare bit of grain and food available in Egypt. The description of this famine fits modern scenarios and projections of a nuclear winter following a global, all out nuclear war, a winter that is projected by modern meteorologists and war planners to last between 5 and 10 years... Twice towards the end of the chapter, it mentions the severity of the famine in relation to the entire world, and in looking at the original Hebrew text, it does indeed refer to the inhabitants of the entire earth, not just the Middle East.For instance, for a meteor to create that kind of heat requires an impact.These "Seas of Glass" generally have no impact craters associated with them...

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